Webinar Marketing 201: Pricing and Bundling

As we indicated in the previous blog, the biggest mistake in producing webinars is under-pricing them.  In part this is because people forget that this is a completely new medium, not your old-fashioned Marriott ballroom seminar event.  Remember, webinars free people from the costs of having to travel and stay somewhere to participate in the event.  Build some of this convenience that you are providing your audience into your price.

It is a lot easier to initially set the tuition of at the high end and see what comes in than it is to try and increase prices at a later date for the same information.  Keep in mind that the important and timeliness of what you can tell participants, in addition to the convenience you are providing, can overcome almost any pocketbook issue.

An alternative way to charge for attendance is to offer a site license, as opposed to a per-seat charge.  Consider this option in your pricing as it can be great way to increase participation and get more customers.  Although companies will typically pay a higher tuition cost, more than one person from the same office can participate. You may even want to encourage this in your marketing message.  The advantage of multi viewer participation to the company is that all of their people hear the same message at the same time.  This sure beats paying for one person to go to a meeting and then come home and try to brief their colleagues.  This team webinar participation approach also provides your staff with a vehicle to discuss what they have learned and share questions and think of applications after the webinar is over.