What is Good Customer Service?

Frequently, our office orders in lunch when we have a large event, celebrating a birthday – or frankly because we want to.  We tend to use the eateries nearby, promoting community support to the locals. One of our favorites is Baker Bros. Deli.  Today, was one of those days we ordered in lunch.

Our lunch was picked up by a staff member and upon him arriving back & distributing the food, it was discovered we were missing salad dressing for all the salads ordered. Who likes eating a salad without dressing? Moreover, who had the extra time to go back downstairs, into their car, drive over to Bakers and get dressing and come all the way back? No one. 

No sooner was it discovered that we were missing the salad dressing, than our office door opened and in walked Mike a Baker Bros. employee with all the missing dressings.  Were we surprised? You bet! They could have said “oh well” and left it at that, but no – they delivered individual, hand-poured sides of dressing for all the salads we ordered. And during their most busy time of the day – lunch hour.

Going above & beyond the call of duty is good customer service. Delivering something which could be deemed as insignificant as salad dressing to a patron – that is GREAT customer service!

Baker Bros. hasn’t seen the last of us. In fact, we just might be on a first name basis with the employees before long!

Baker Bros Deli
FORT WORTH: CAMP BOWIE BLVD. (Village at Camp Bowie)

6333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Suite 244
Fort Worth, TX 76116