What’s Your Superpower?

I am five feet tall, and my husband is a man who is well over the six foot mark. Now, as adorable as we look together, he’s also quite handy to have around. Whenever I need something that’s on a shelf, I just ask him to come get it for me, and since I’m pretty dang short, I am often calling for his help. I do it so much, in fact, that he has determined that he has the worst super power in the world.

He’s naturally good at getting things off tall shelves because he’s a tall person. For him, it’s nothing, but for me it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Have you ever considered what your super power might be?

I was reading the latest Escaping Mediocrity and watching on Twitter as @SaraRobinson struggled with this post. As part of her coaching she is supposed to name ten ways that she can be a rock star for her clients. It’s easy right? Not so much. She ran into a couple of roadblocks while trying to figure out what her super powers are – mainly, she didn’t want to brag and she mostly just considers herself to be a normal hardworking person. It’s so hard for us to admit what our super powers might be. What matters is if we can identify them and how we are using them.

If I look at myself, I realize that I have been writing ever since I could pick up a pen and make letters. Somewhere in my Papa’s attic is a box of composition books that contains some of the worst stories ever. I always liked to write and I just thought it was something that made me special. Writing has always been something that I was good at. I’ve taken that skill and turned it into my career (which is pretty sweet).

You superpower is something that simply sets you apart from everyone else and when you are trying to get clients to come to you – it can be the thing that makes you the one to do business with. Everyone is trying to find a competitive edge and yours can be as simple as a talent or personality trait you’ve had all your life.

Sit down and think about something that just seems to come naturally to you. Are you a great speaker? Are you comfortable in social situations that might drive someone like me to the brink of a nervous breakdown? Once you’ve identified your super power, how are you using it to set yourself apart from the others?

Think about that, and then comment below or find me on Twitter and tell me what your super power is and how you’re using it.