Who Would Want to Listen to Me?

Who will listen?

Supposedly, public speaking is the number one fear we all have.  The most common form it takes in our minds is standing up in front of a large group of people to give a speech.  But it can also strike when giving a toast at a dinner party, or when addressing clients on a conference call.

The cause of the public speaking fear is a tricky thing to pinpoint, but one part we can identify is that confidence has a lot to do with it.  Speaking from an audience’s viewpoint, we enjoy a good speaker and empathize with a bad one.  So it’s good to know that right from the bat, the audience – mainly – is on your side.

Lisa Braithwaite of SpeakSchmeak has a very good point on the subject of confidence.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Who would want to hear what I have to say?”  As Braithwaite points out, if don’t have anything to say – or think you don’t – then no, no one will want to listen.  Part of having confidence is knowing that you do have something to say and people will listen.

You know your message is important, so take stock from that.  Believe that your story is as good as or better than anyone else’s, and it will be.  Not because of wishful thinking, but because it came from you, and you – and your message – are unique and interesting.