Will iOS 4.1 Improve the 3G?

The internet is buzzing after the Apple conference yesterday and while some pretty exciting announcements were made, the announcement of the iOS 4.1 is probably the most exciting. When the 4.1 OS rolls out next week, Steve Jobs has assured iPhone users that many of the bugs that have gotten a lot of coverage lately.  Some of the things that Apple says the 4.1 OS will fix are the proximity sensors, issues with the Bluetooth not staying connected, and performance repairs to the 3G.

For those that updated their 3G to the new 4.0 OS, this may be music to your ears. Many 3G users had to revert their operating systems off the 4.0, simply because the devices responded so poorly to the update. As someone who had a 3G, some of the problems I had were slow texting and slow application loading times.

Lifehacker has posted a comparison video in a recent blog, laying out the two operating systems on a 3G and showing you the response time.  While the demonstration and testing was not what one would be considered to be “scientific”, it looks like what they have found is that the 4.1 OS wins, but not by as much as you would think.

They are of the opinion that 4.1 probably isn’t enough to drop iOS 3 completely, but for users who want the new operating system with a little bit better response and performance, the 4.1 is going to be your best bet.

You can check out the full Lifehacker iOS 4.1 video and make your own decision.