Windows Phone 7 Boasts Xbox Live Gaming

The Microsoft Phone 7 demonstrated a host of Xbox Live titles on August 16, confirming that gaming will be at the forefront of the WP7 platform.

In fact, Microsoft’s Game Studios will house a group specifically devoted to developing games and recruiting Indie game developers for the WP7.

Among the 50 games slated to come out at the launch date are popular titles such as Halo Waypoint, Star Wars, Guitar Hero 5 and Crackdown 2. There are also new games like ilomio, and new offerings are supposed to crop up every week in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

People who have demoed the phone’s gaming, such as these from Engadget, have said the graphics and response time are comparable to the iPhone4 and iPad, though sometimes the load time is said to be slow—which may be attributable to the phone’s still being a work in progress.

Another interesting aspect is the fully rendered Avatar that will appear on users’ WP7 Live accounts. Each person’s Avatar is fully customizable from clothing to props, and is used to designate a player’s stats in the realm of live. This is a really cool feature in games where users compete because players can track their friends (or enemies!) and compare scores and records.

As of yet, there is no head-to-head multiplayer action; each game requires that users take turns.

The Avatar also interacts with basic phone utilities like flashlight, apps, levels and the gyroscope, meaning that it holds your flashlight, falls if you shake the phone, or hops from side to side as you turn it.

Microsoft also plans to integrate some of the phone’s capabilities into the gaming environment. For example, according to Engadget, games like Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst will use Bing maps to create levels.

Also of note, players will be allowed to demo games in the Xbox Live Marketplace before spending their money on them.