Word of Mouth Teleconferencing

Take a look at this Nielsen Ratings data about different types of advertisements and their effectiveness.  It's a bit of an eye opener, no?  I'd like to see a similar chart from as recent as ten years ago.  I'm betting it would look a lot different.

What really catches the eye are the top three consumer influencers:

  1. People they know
  2. Online strangers with opinions
  3. Company websites

How can you use this valuable information?  Since it turns out that a company's website is more important than ever, this is probably where you first need to concentrate time and attention.  Are all of the products available to inspect online?  Can the potential customer find all the information they want?  Are there answers to all their questions?  Can they easily contact you if they need to?

The website is a good place to start, but it doesn't address the top two on the Nielsen list.  A good conference call can help.  With reaching potential customers in mind, design a conference call they will want to attend, and make it about a topic in the industry that people are interested in.  Invite a guest speaker that they want to hear.  Provide a way for them to discuss the topic before and after the conference call, ideally on the website.

Email this enticing and free conference call invitation to all of your current and potential customers. Encourage them to invite their friends.  If all goes well, word of mouth should provide you with a good turnout.

But even after this teleconference is over, you're not done with it.  Take the recording of the conference call and make it available on your website for free download.  Then do another email campaign inviting anyone interested to stop by your site and get a free conference call.

Looking at the Nielsen list, how are your advertising efforts ranked?  Leave a comment telling us:

1. What types of advertising on the list you are currently doing.

2. How effective have they been?