Write on North Korea’s Wall

Through the wonders of modern technology and a little social media network known as Facebook, it was possible for to “friend” North Korea for about a day.  Since it’s creation on Thursday, the profile for the country gained 65 friends.  But as of right now, the profile has been blocked.

It is not yet known if the website Facebook itself blocked the profile after it was discovered by the Associated Press.  More likely it was South Korea who also blocked the Facebook profile once before in 2007, as well as more recently blocking North Korea’s Twitter account.  The North Korean YouTube profile still appears to be up.  
The South Korea’s Communications Standards Commission deems North Korea’s social media forays as illegal under the National Security Law.
“We are aware of the Facebook account and the police and the National Intelligence Service are currently investigating the site to verify whether it is indeed run by the North Korean government,” Commission official Han Myung-ho said Friday.  “If we find that this Facebook account also carries content violating the National Security Law, we will do our duty of shutting it down as well.”
Content on these government-run accounts are propaganda based, praising North Korea, degrading South Korea, etc.  The YouTube videos in particular are filled with North Korea denying any role in the destruction of a South Korean ship and the deaths of the sailors.  
Of course the information is for the rest of the world to see as most North Koreans are not allowed computers, let alone to access to such websites.