You Can’t Take It Back

How many times have our eyes widened in horror after we realize what we've just said?  For the more fortunate of us, our social gaffes weren't too bad, or we just got very, very lucky.  For all of our futures though, let's look at some suggestions from for preventing the wrong things to be said.

To get it out of the way, here is the tired cliché: "Think before you speak."  (I more prefer, "We have one mouth, but two ears.")  It's tired and overused for a reason; its good advice.  Take a breath and consider the other person and how their point of view may see your comment.  Pausing to consider is especially important on a conference call as they can't see your face and won't know you're smiling or whatever.

Another cause of saying the wrong thing during teleconferences stems again from not being able to see all the other participants.  It can be easy to be lulled into believing you are on a call with just two of you.  It's the same as if you forgot the twenty people standing right behind you while you talk to a friend.  The others on the conference call may not have said anything yet, but they are definitely there, listening to everything you say.

One of my favorite ways to prevent saying the wrong things is preparation.  Whenever possible, I like to make a list of topics to be covered, questions I want to ask, and possible answers to give. I also jot down a bit about each person I know will be on the call.  These lists help remind me that thirty faceless people are right there listening.

If it's not too painful, tell us about your biggest social gaffe.  Maybe there's been enough time passed and we can laugh at it together.