Your Message, Just Right

Get Your Message OutYou have an important message to get out. You need your clients/employees to receive that message. There are several methods to getting that message delivered.

  1. Email – this type is easy, however it requires the user to read it.Not everyone does that.Certain key points can be missed.
  2. Website/Message Board – another easy method, but also requires reading.
  3. Recording Broadcast/Conference Call – pre-record your message and make it available for your users anytime.

With a recording, you will be able to add personality and stress important points of your message. Hearing a voice is powerful and adds a personal touch to your message.Your clients/employees can listen to the recording anytime (on the road, excercising, etc). Another option is to setup an event (conference call) centered around the message. This gives you an opportunity to contact your participants and adds credibility to the event. Also, you can keep recording until the messagesounds exactly like you want it.

To accomplish this:

  1. Record your message.Useour conference bridge to pre-record what you want delivered.
  2. Setup a date/time for your conference call.
  3. Send out invites for your event.
  4. When you begin your conference, simply play the recording into the live call with the recording controls on your live call screen.

If you have additional questions, we would love to help you. Call anytime: 1.800.977.4607.