You’re there, without being there

Video conferencing makes good business sense. If you were screening applicants for a job, wouldn’t it be better to see them interact through video as opposed to looking at their resume on paper? In our experience, we’ve had much more success hiring through job fairs then mass-scale wanted ads. Video conferencing is like bringing the job fair to your office.

This technology is also helpful when negotiating a deal with clients. In the past you would have to meet with a client several times in-person before inking a deal. Now, with audio and video conferencing, meeting in-person is not as critical as it once was because you’re already interacting face-to-face.

Video conferencing provides a familiarity that can’t be done over email or phone. Gone are days when you only recognize a person by their voice or their email spelling mistakes. Instead of saying “Wow, it’s great to finally put a face on a name.”  you can now say “Wow… you look much better on camera.”