conference call etiquette

Conference Call Etiquette

One of the great things about a conference calls is that you can stay at your desk while attending a meeting.

Trying to make a conference call right now? No problem - sign up right now and come back to check out the conference call etiquette tips.

We know that we should always be on time and be prepared for conference calls. You should treat it like any other face to face meeting and incorporate the kind of things you're used to into your conference call etiquette.

  1. Conference call time is not lunch time. Try not to arrange conference calls during your lunch hour, you never know when your line will be open and everyone will hear you chomping on that cheeseburger.
  2. Give the conference call your undivided attention. We all want to get the most out of our time but try to treat a conference call like any other meeting where you would be removed from other distractions.
  3. Take conference calls from quiet locations. While you might like working from your local coffee shop, the other shop patrons probably don't want to hear the subject of your conference call. Additionally, people on the conference call won't want to hear the background music of the coffee shop.
  4. Assume that your line is never muted. This will avoid any embarrassing locations if you absolutely have to make a conference call while on the go. (Surely everyone has heard a barking dog, a toilet flushing, or a screaming child on a conference call)
  5. Take turns speaking. Everyone is on the teleconference for one reason or another and everyone will have something to say or a question to ask, so try to go one at a time.

Conducting yourself well on a conference call is just as important as the way you conduct yourself in front of a crowd, and if you fail to have good conference call etiquette, you'll make a bad impression on customers or co-workers. No one wants to present the images of being disrespectful or lacking consideration, but when you can't see other people, it's easy to think you're invisible.

Improve your conference call etiquette on your next teleconference by following these five easy rules.

Whether you're a moderator or a participant, practicing these rules will help to improve your conference call etiquette.

Maranda Gibson writes for AccuConference. AccuConference specializes in event conferencing and is dedicated to delivering clear and focused messages to participants. Maranda has been in customer service for over ten years and has been the head writer for AccuConference since 2008. She also really loves baseball.

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