Conference Call Quality

How to Keep your Conference Call Clear and Sounding Great

If you're reading this because you're currently experiencing echoes, feedback, or some other interruption on your conference line, please call us at 800.989.9239 so that we can help you troubleshoot.

The number one defense against poor sounding conferences is choosing a great conferencing provider. Sign up for an account and one of our operators will show how you can monitor your conferences online with the live call screen.

Here are some quick tips and fixes for when things start to get too noisy on your conference calls.

Feedback - multiple lines in a room

If more than one person is joined to the same conference call in the same room, feedback can (and probably will) occur. If you're trying to record a conference call, you can do that through the AccuConference system by pressing *2 as the moderator.

Echoes on the Conference Call

Echoes on your conference call can be caused by a couple of things but usually there are some quick fixes on a live conference to solve those issues without anyone knowing that it was you. If you're joining the conference in a small or empty room, be sure that you test the phone before the conference with another person. You can adjust the speaker volume or your headset settings to make sure that your line isn't creating reverb into the conference line. Also consider keeping the door open, especially in small rooms, as the closer the walls and the louder your voice, the more likely you are to echo on the conference line.

Background Noise

Barking dogs, crying babies, and even the friendly lady checking you out at the grocery store. There's no better way to guard against the issues of background noise than to be sure to hold your conferences in a quiet environment. As a moderator, you can enable the lecture mode on your conference line by pressing *5 and mute participant lines, or participants can use *6 to mute their own lines during the conference.

Prior to your conference, test the volume of your voice with another person to make sure you have set the microphone volume correctly and don't have your speakerphone volume turned up too high. All of these things can affect the sound quality on your conference call. If you want help with performing a sound check, give us a call at 800.989.9239 and one of our operators will be happy to assist you.

Phone Companies

Sadly, phone companies can cause problems as they try to make improvements. If the wrong line is cut or rerouted, you may get interference on your call, disconnected, or even crossed with another party. Old analog lines can create issues like static or popping that you may hear on your line. Unfortunately, situations like this are something you have to contact the phone company to come and look at, and your conference provider can't help you with issues on your phone lines.

International Callers

When you have international callers, much of the quality of the international line will depend on what carrier your participant chooses to use. Just like with domestic calling, the better the phone line, the better the quality will be on the conference. Advise international participants to refrain from using free VoIP services and if they don't have another option - check into our Outdial Feature. You just dial into the conference line, call out to the international participant, then join them into the conference.

VoIP Lines (Voice Over the Internet Protocol)

Skype, Vonage, etc. are not as clear as using a land-line phone. VoIP lines utilize the internet to transfer audio and because the internet can have varying speeds as it moves from station to station, these lines can have differing levels of voice quality.

Read More about VoIP Conference Call.

Some other disturbances on your conferences can be caused by mobile phones, cordless phones, or even older model phones.

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