Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording has never been easier. Setup your account to record automatically or activate your conference call recording on-the-fly. Recordings are available for download immediately following your call. This service is easy-to-use and is available to every AccuConference account holder at no extra cost.

There is no limit to how long a conference recording can be and you can download it afterwards for free. You will not need to wait a day, not even an hour, because the recording is available to you instantly. Some conference call providers charge a fee to either record or download your conference call. Other providers require that you pay and then wait a day as they ship a CD in the mail. AccuConference offers conference call recording that is fast, easy, and free!

Recording Playback is also available. This feature lets you  play a recording into your conference call LIVE at the touch of a button. You can also have your participants dial-in toll-free to listen to a pre-recorded message or conference. You can upload new recordings to your account or link to existing conference recordings.

Transcription services are available for your everyday conference calls. Medical transcription services and Legal transcription services are also available. Visit our transcription services page for more information. And of course, you can also download your conference call recording and transcribe yourself (free).

There are two ways to record your conference call:

How to download your conference call

Once your conference call has finished, log into your account to download the recording. Your conference call is available instantly – you do not need to wait to download. Here is a white paper explaining how to do this. You can also watch this instructional video. The process is fairly straight forward: Click on the name of your conference and then right click on the recording link and save to your desktop.

Recording VoIP

AccuConference makes it easy to record conference calls and our services are 100% compatible with VoIP phones. As you may already be aware, it can be frustrating to record a VoIP call using a service like Skype.  Users often encounter problems because PC's do not ship with sound cards that are capable of recording a microphone line and a WAV audio file at the same time.

If you have any questions about conference call recording, please call an operator for assistance at 1.800.977.4607

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