Conference Call Tips

Conference calls are one of the most reliable and effective means of communicating with a large group of people. Over the years, conferences have evolved from static filled lines of people all asking "can you hear me" to clear lines with every option you could think of for call management. While the way we conduct our conference calls has changed, the ultimate goal is still the same: connecting people.

With the popularity of conferencing, it might surprise you to know that a lot of the most savvy conferencing users forget some of the most basic "to-do" tips when hosting their conferences. Sometimes having a successful conference call isn't just about calling into a reliable service with the right information. There are a lot of factors that might make or break your conference and they come into play before, during, and after your call.

Before Your Conference

  1. Minimize distractions and disruptive background noise by having participants take their conferences in closed rooms.
  2. Provide an agenda in advance and bring it with you to host or attend a conference. If you're hosting the call, let participants know when you are moving from one agenda point to another so that they can follow along.
  3. Set your conference call to auto-record to follow up with minutes from the conference and as a good back up of your previous discussions.

During Your Conference

  1. Speak clearly and slowly while you are on the conference call. Remember it is harder to understand people when you can't see the lips of the other person move so be sure to slow down and enunciate.
  2. Vary your tone of voice while you speak, especially if you are the primary speaker on the conference. A monotone voice will not engage your participants, they need cadence and variance in tone.
  3. Since a teleconference eliminates any visual cues to let you know when it is your turn to talk, be sure to set expectations at the beginning of your conference. Give instructions on how to ask a question if you're using the lecture mode and live Q&A or be willing to jump in and moderate the call if one voice seems to be louder than the rest.
  4. When dealing with multiple speakers keep each on their allotted time and move the discussion along at a good pace.
  5. At the end of the conference let your speakers give some summary statements and then thank participants for attending.

Conference calls are easy when you have a plan and no matter how frequently you host a conference call, you still need to follow some basic tips. If you're stuck on how to proceed, give us a call at 800.989.9239 and we can help you plan for your next conference.

Maranda Gibson writes for AccuConference. AccuConference specializes in event conferencing and is dedicated to delivering clear and focused messages to participants. Maranda has been in customer service for over ten years and has been the head writer for AccuConference since 2008. She also really loves baseball.

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