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Flat Rate Conference Call

Flat Rate Conferencing with AccuConference is perfect if you want a consistent monthly bill. You pay one monthly rate based on the number of phone lines you'd like reserved. Once you lock that monthly rate in, that's what you'll pay, no matter how many calls you make.

Number of Participants
$14.95 Promo Up to 5 Lines Unlimited* Sign Up
Over 5
Call for Pricing

Flat Rate Advantages

Flat Rate is ideal if you plan on having several conferences a month, but know that your conferences will remain under a given number of participants. If, for example, you have two sales meetings a week, and you know that your sales team is only four members, flat-rate conferencing would ensure that you pay only $14.95 per month, no matter how many team conferences you have.

Flat Rate can also be advantageous if you're having extremely long conferences that will be held among a set number of participants.

Flat Rate Conference includes the following features:

*Participants / Moderators pay for their own long distance costs.


*Conference calls that exceed 10 hours in length are subject to interruptions due to server maintenance.


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