VoIP Conference Call

When you host a VoIP conference call, your audio information is sent in digital “packets” over the internet, as opposed to using the traditional public telephone network. As a result, the farther your message needs travels, the more distorted it becomes.

The reason why your VoIP conference call becomes distorted is that the audio is being transfer across numerous hubs and routers. To see an example of this:

Click on your START menu and select RUN and type in the letters CMD. Hit enter and then type the words “tracert www.google.com.” This will show just how many routers, or “hops” your computer must go through to access google.com.

On some days your VoIP conference call might sound clearer than others. This is largely due to how busy the internet is and how many people are accessing the same routers as you. Even the slightest delay can cause your sound connection to break up or “jitter.”

So what does this mean to you?

The best VoIP conference call is one that uses an inter-office Intranet (as opposed to the “public” internet). An intranet provides you with a single network with a designated hub to run your conference call. Unfortunately, many of you need to call someone other than a nearby coworker.

Quick VoIP Conference Call Tip:

Schedule your conference call during non-peak business hours -- preferably early in the morning or later at night. This will guarantee that the internet isn’t as busy and won’t interfere with your call or cause distortion.

But if you’re researching VoIP conference calls, remember this: you get what you pay for. Many business professionals would not want to risk hosting their conference calls over a free internet service because it is not reliable and so they must research paid services.

Your Conference Call Solution

But nowadays, conference calling has become much more affordable. At AccuConference we offer reliable conference calling at 9.9 cents per minute for a toll free service. We also provide flat monthly rate options. Our service uses standard telephone networks and digital fiber optic lines to ensure the very best quality.

If you’re interested in affordable and reliable conference calling options, click here.

This article was a summary of an in-depth white paper Good VoIP vs Bad VoIP which can be viewed here.

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