Customer Testimonials

"I'm very impressed with your customer service and it's great to find out that your system is reservationless. Ever since we've made the switch you have been wonderful to work with. This is going to make things a lot easier for us."

Steven - Colorado

"I am extremely satisfied with the AccuConference services & I like the whole idea of being able to set up all my co-workers with their own conference line."

Naomi - Washington

"Our company is growing rapidly & so has the need for conferencing. I will be bringing more business to AccuConference because I am very satisfied with the services I receive."

Danielle - Florida

"Your customer service is excellent! They are very courteous and very quick to fulfill my needs."

Jennifer - Illinois

"I called Customer Service to ask if they could play a recording into my conference. They fulfilled my request quickly and courteously. I am very happy with the service I receive each time I call."

Debbie - South Carolina

"I am very appreciative of AccuConference's effort in taking care of me as a customer. Conferencing could not get any easier"

Debbie - South Carolina

"I thought every conference line had a different access number. I can't believe that not only can I customize my account but I can also add more conference lines without changing the dial in number. I really like this service!"

Jenny - California

"Thank you for the FAST and courteous service even after 'normal' hours when I do business. This system and your personalized customer service set you FAR ahead of the competition. The team at AccuConference has exceeded my expectations once again. I am happy to be a customer and will continue to recommend your service as I move forward."

Alan S. - California

"I asked for a new option for my conferences that was vital to my business; AccuConference made it happen. Thank you for the excellent service."

Donovan Reid


The Reid Group New York


"This service is great! It is swell I can do so much and you make it easy to do."

Cathy - Maryland

"I called in to add a new participant code. Customer Service always has a great attitude when it comes to assisting me with anything."

Judi - Georgia

"I called in to add a new moderator code and was surprised to learn I could do that myself"

Tom - Georgia

"I am very happy with your services. Every time I call"

Neil - New York

"Customer Service offered to walk me through my online account to get more familiar with managing it online. I agreed & was very surprised with how user friendly & easy it is to manage practically the entire account from online."

Sanjiv - California

"I love scheduling my conferences online to get different moderator & participant codes for added security."

Rebecca - California

"I am a very satisfied customer. The customer service representatives always do their best to not just resolve my call but to actually resolve the issue & educate me on what has happened and why."

Estella - Washington

"I am very happy with your services & I love the line quality!"

Adriel - Florida

"I am so impressed with your online management. I called Customer Service and the gentleman showed me how to use it and gave me some great suggestions for future conferences."

Laurie - Texas

"I am very happy with your services & I am sure my satisfaction will only grow."

Jeff - Alabama

"I am ecstatic about the possibilities you offer with unique PINs associated with web conferencing. Signing up is a no-brainer!"

Craig - Texas

"I like the fact that I can change my PIN codes for each conference to prevent unauthorized participants from joining my conference."

David - Texas

"Your service works great! We are really happy with it."

Mark - Texas

"I am very happy with your customer service & I like the fact that I have the capability to add as many conference lines as needed."

Suzanne - Minnesota

"Your company is wonderful! We are very very pleased with your service. Since we have begun conferencing attendance has been up and more members are participating. You have helped us expand tremendously!"

Ahuva - New York

"Customer Service was nice enough to take the time to show me how to navigate my customer site. I love how easy and user-friendly it is!"

Jennifer - ChefsLine - New York

"I accidentally made my scheduled conference inactive. I called customer service and they were able to re-activate my conference in a matter of seconds. I couldn't have asked for a quicker solution or better customer service."

Conrad - Oregon

"I am 100% thrilled with this service! It works wonderfully!"

Adam - Nebraska

"I am completely in love with your services!"

Arthel - Washington

"I called in to Customer Service to reserve a conference. I was surprised to hear I did not need a reservation for my conference & was also glad to learn more about our conference features."

Sarah - Arizona

"I called to add 12 more conference lines for specific employees in my office. I am thrilled it was so easy to do this and that the bill will be subtotaled for each person."

Becca - California

"I am very satisfied with how AccuConference has worked with me to get my recorded conferences set up so my participants can listen to them."

Nicole - California

"I like having options with my conferences. The online management makes exploring those options so easy and convenient!"

Rex - Maryland

"I was happy to find out that I have control over the 'play name recording into conference' feature & many others through my online account."

Suzanne - Alabama

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