Customer Service the AccuConference WayCustomer Service the AccuConference Way

When you think of customer service, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of a special desk in a store off to the side with someone ready to handle returns and exchanges. The scope of this eBook is largely about customer service, but as the title suggests, much of the information will be how AccuConference does it.

Increase Sales with WebinarsIncrease Sales with Webinars

Not everyone is a natural salesperson, and for those who are not, they need every advantage they can get. Webinars -- audio conference calls, web conferences, and video conferences -- are excellent tools that are ideal for the non-selling type to the veteran salesperson. In this eBook from Accuconference, learn about the sales process from cold calls to follow-ups and see how Webinars can help you each step of the way to succeed in sales.

How to Plan, Setup, and Execute a Successful WebinarHow to Plan, Setup, and Execute a Successful Webinar

Webinars are powerful business tools and an excellent way to communicate. But a Webinar is more than just a phone call with more than two people, or a video chat on a tiny screen. For example, you can have hundreds of people across the world listening to your words and watching your powerpoint. Webinars are easy to do well, but with some tips and guidance, you can make your Webinars excellent.

How Everyday People are using Conference Callls for boost ProductivityConference Nation

Conferencing is a great addition to any business model, no matter what the size or function. This eBook from Accuconference gives examples on how regular businesses use conferencing. Get examples on how to use conferencing to improve your productivity. One nation, united by communication, and using conference calls to connect.

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