Conference Call Glossary

Access Code - The PIN number by which you join a conference; can be a moderator, a speaker or a participant PIN number.

Accounting Codes - For accounting purposes, a moderator must enter an accounting code before being able to join a conference call.

Alternative Dial-in Number - A direct-dial phone number with a (404) area code that allows any international participants to join your conference; international participant joining through this number will be responsible for their own international long distance charges.

Auto-Record - An automated conference call record feature that can be enabled at no extra cost. Helps ensure that a meeting is properly documented.

Billing - Monthly summary or statement of conferencing activity

Conference Bridge - Equipment that allows us to connect conference calls for you

Conference Call -The meeting of two or more persons via the telephone for discussion of common matters

Conference Call Detail Screen -Web page designed to allow you to view all participants of a certain conference call, which PIN number they used, see their caller ID's, listen to their name recordings, and get the length of time/cost for their line.

Conference Code -  A specific number that one is required to enter on their telephone keypad in order to gain access to a conference

Conference ID - A specific number that one is required to enter on their telephone keypad in order to gain access to a conference

Conference Manager - On-line ability to manage every aspect of a conference account, specifically the conference line and conference codes.

Conference Recording - A digital audio file of your conference in WAV file format. Available for download or playback.

Conference Transcription - A text version of a call

Confirmation Email - An email that is sent to confirm when a new conference call account has been setup. It includes account information and conference call instructions.

Download - Feature that enables you to directly download a recording of a call to your PC

DTMF Clamping - This means no dtmf tones are heard on the conference call. When everyone is
pressing star commands, such as, *6 for muting themselves, no one hears the tones. It doesn't interfere with recordings or calling cards

Dynamic Screen - Web page designed to show you your live call in real-time.  Also allows controls over your call such as mute/unmute callers, start/stop call recording and more.

Flat-Rate - A low-cost solution for a high volume of conferences. Pay a monthly fee for an allotted amount of lines.

Internet Call (VoIP) - Technology that allows you to stream audio over your computer via your Internet connection

Lecture Mode - Star command which allows you to mute all participants, only allowing moderators and speakers to speak.

Limited Use Pin - If selected, the code will deactivate after the designated number of uses. (i.e. the PIN will deactivate after 3 uses).

Live Call Screen - On-line page providing the ability to view conference call in progress

Live Call Summary - Summary of participants on a given conference call

Locking the Conference - Star command that allows the moderator of a call to block all other participants from dialing into their conference

Moderator Code - The PIN number used by the host of the conference which allows the use of star commands.

Mute - Blocking the sound going into your phone line.

Name Recording - A recording of what a participant says when they are prompted to say their name at the beginning of a conference. It can be played into a live conference and is stored on the conference call detail screen for later retrieval by an administrator.

One-time Use - An on-line scheduled conference call which is intended to be used one time and becomes inactive after that one use

Operator Assisted - A conference in which an AccuConference operator moderates by giving an introduction, running a Q&A, and/or outdialing your participants

Outdial - Dialing a participant and bringing them back into the conference 

Outdial (international) - Use your conference to make calls overseas from within your conference. This option must be activated by our customer service department.

Participant Code - Allows users to join a conference

Permission Based Users - Assigned individuals who have been given access to specific aspects of an account or conference line

PIN Names - Provides access to change the name of your Moderator Conference Code(s)

PIN Number - The code / digits needed to join a conference call.

PIN Type - Provides access to change a Moderator Code to a Participant Code.

Playback - The ability to play a recorded audio file into a live conference call or replay via telephone

Playback - Feature that enables you to call into the conference bridge after a live call to listen to its recording

Pre-Conference - Pre-meeting of moderators, speakers and operators.  Participants are still muted and cannot hear the conversation within pre-conference.  Pre-conference is great for sound checks and last minute planning

Q & A Mode - Muting all participant lines and allowing them to ask a question by telephone keypad indication

Reservationless - The ability to hold a call whenever you need by just calling into our bridge with the access number and using the codes assigned to your account. You do not need to notify us of your calls under 50 participants. 

Speaker Code - Allows user to join a conference. However this code will not be muted in Lecture Mode.

Star Commands - Combination of telephone keys starting with '*' followed by a number (1 thru 9)
 which enable additional features such as recording start/stop.

Toll-Free - an access phone number that allows you to join a conference without incurring long distance charges from your telephone provider.

WAV file - The media / audio format recorded conferences are saved as for downloading

Web Conference - The meeting of two or more persons via the internet to share presentations, applications or web browsers

Webinar -A common term many people use to describe a conference held over the internet.

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