AccuConference Solutions by Industry

Our services are used every day by doctors, lawyers, teachers, and individuals to stay connected. You will never be out of touch with AccuConference, no matter what your profession.

Simple Conference Calls


Company-wide Franchisor to Franchise Meetings - Disseminate information, directives and plans to all locations with a single encompassing conference.

Regional Franchise Conferences - Owners of multiple franchises can conference with each location either by team or all at once. Ensure that managers and employees from each location are together and in sync.

Registration Page - Have a record of all franchises that were on the call with a registration page that keeps track of everyone who RSVP'd and called in.

Question & Answer Sessions - Leverage ideas and hear about issues from the franchise owners themselves with question & answer mode.

video Conferencing


Accounting Codes - Assign separate account codes for individual attorneys, departments, or allocated per case.

Court Hearings - A moderator or operator will dial out to individual attorneys and judges, in the order that you need, to connect conveniently and professionally for hearings.

Case Depositions - Conduct case depositions from your office phone that can be recorded and/or transcribed. Security guaranteed.

Client/Co-Counsel Meetings - Meet with clients or co-counsel over the phone and make recordings for easy review or archiving. No reservations necessary; operator assistance available.

Itemized Billing - View a full breakdown of all bills by conference name on your invoice or customer site. See who participated on which calls.

Online Account Management - Manage accounting codes, moderator numbers, billing, recordings and more through your personal customer site.

Large Conference Calls


Online Training - Educators can use efficient and effective audio and visual conferencing solutions for remote online training of students or teaching professionals.

Lecture Recording - Record lectures for easy playback. Students can call in and hear the lecture as many times as they need. No longer repeat lessons ad nauseam.

Research Projects - Conduct polls, conferences, questionnaires, surveys, interviews, and the like all from your office, classroom, or home. Record conversations for easy review or reference.

Staff/Departmental Meetings - Bring the entire staff or department together immediately, no matter where they are in the world. Or schedule weekly, annual, or yearly meetings. No more meeting minutes with call record.

Visual Component - Accompany your lecture with dynamic visual components, including polling, chat, Q&A, and PowerPoint sharing.

Monitor Calls Live - Ensure that all students attend class with a live call screen that shows whether they've logged on or logged off. Mute or hang up on noisy students. Turn lecture mode on or off.

Global Outreach - Connect students around the world for authentic globalized learning that transcends typical classroom boundaries.

Mentorships - Keep in touch with students conducting field research. Conduct remote lectures with students studying abroad and ensure that they keep up with their work.

Monitor Attendance - Assign codes to students by name and download the Excel sheet after the class for record keeping.

Share Ideas


Investor Calls - Hold investor relations calls with confidence. AccuConference bridges can support up to 1,000 callers and our service is compliant with all SEC regulations.

Training Calls - Operators will answer the calls, collect the participants' information, and connect them to the conference for you, ensuring that a secure, detailed list of callers is available during and after the call.

Company Updates - Conduct company meetings with a reservationless number that works whenever you need it.

Branch Meetings - Bring branches from across the country together for company-wide policy renewals, plans, and meetings.

Application Sharing


Campaign Fundraising Conferences - Representatives can hold campaign fundraising talks nationwide with AccuConference audio conferencing. Fiber optic lines guarantee call quality and can support up to 1,000 callers.

Campaign Staff Meetings - Representatives can convene staff meetings in which all staff members participate, regardless of location. Calls can be recorded so members who can't make the meetings dial in to listen later.

Media Conferences - Representatives can discuss campaign plans, issues and news with multiple media outlets while on the go. Media calls become flexible to the representative's location, saving time on commutes. Record them to be referred back to later.

Town Hall Meetings - Representatives can broadcast their voices to hundreds of participants over the phone.

International Conference Calling


Medical Group Staff Meetings - Bring the entire staff together for meetings over the phone. Record calls for staff members who couldn't make the original meeting time.

Clinical Directors - Coordinate sales teams, finance people, executive leadership and the like by region with easily-convened telephone conferences. Communicate frequently, giving directives, logging results, and rolling up data.

Board Meetings & Committee Meetings - Allow board and committee members to call into conferences, keeping all constituents on the same page. Those who missed the call can dial back in for a recording.

Investor Calls - Keep investors abreast of the latest figures and forecasts with conferencing bridges supportive of up to 1,000 callers.

Equipment Manufacturers - Train healthcare practitioners and professionals worldwide on the proper use of equipment. Showcase equipment with phone conferences and accompanying visual components.

Hospice, Home Health, and Assisted Living - Coordinate nurses with daily conference calls. Make sure they are supplied with all of the necessary equipment and deployed to the correct patients throughout your area.

Doctor-Patient-Nurse Consultations - Doctors can talk with patients and nurses from remote locations using AccuConference audio conferencing solutions. Conduct consultations quickly and easily, without reservations and with features such as call record and detailed call logs.

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