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AccuConference Offers Credit to Severe Weather Victims

Fort Worth, TX April 26, 2011

AccuConference is offering free conference calling to those whose travel and business plans have been disrupted by recent tornados and ongoing flooding concerns.

From St. Louis to Little Rock, and even as far east as Raleigh, NC, the United States is currently undergoing a severe weather outbreak that has brought damage to homes and businesses.

The National Weather Service has already confirmed 169 tornadoes for the month of April but damage surveys and severe weather continue. The month of May typically brings the highest average number of tornado outbreaks and if April has been any indication, the severe weather will be sticking around.

Flooding is also a concern with much of the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, and Missouri under flood watches and warnings.

From major metropolitan areas like St. Louis being hit with an EF-4 tornado, as well as the small community of Vilonia, Arkansas, just north of Little Rock being devastated on April 25, residents across the United States have been left trying to get back into the ebb and flow of life. 

For those affected by storms, AccuConference is extending its conferencing services free of charge.

"We understand that there are several people whose businesses and normal channels of communications have been disrupted as a result of tornados and flooding,” said David Byrd, VP of operations at AccuConference. "Hopefully, by letting them use our conferencing services for free, these folks can get back to business as usual. And if you need more time, just call us and ask. We're happy to help."

Anyone who wants to collect on the offer can call 1.800.977.4607 and mention the city where you have been affected. Limitations May Apply.

AccuConference Releases Conferencing App for Android

AccuConference is rolling out the new AccuDial conference app for Android phones, an app which will help you connect to your conferences no matter where you're located.

With several different conference providers to choose from, it's easy to get inundated in all the different conference access numbers and codes. These numbers and codes may be stored in your email, printed out on sheets of paper, or floating about in any number of places. But what happens if one of those emails gets deleted? Or what if you left your conference access information back at the office and you need to take a call while on the go?

The AccuDial conference app will organize all of your conference access information, so you’ll never have to seek it out again. All of your access numbers and codes will be sorted by conference on your Android device. Fire up the app, and you'll see them all packaged by name, code and access number. Joining a call is as simple as locating it on your touchpad and clicking "Join."

"We knew that there was a problem in that people who have multiple conferences often have quite a few numbers to keep track of,” said David Byrd, VP of operations at AccuConference. “The Android app solves that problem by organizing them and putting them in users’ pockets."

Accudial is in the Google marketplace. The app is free of charge.

AccuConference Offers Free Calls to Japan During Crises

Fort Worth, TX March 24, 2011

AccuConference announced today free calling to Japan for all those who need to communicate with people in the country.

Following widespread destruction from the earthquake and tsunami, and amid growing fears of nuclear radiation, the need for communications to and within the country is of great importance.

To help offset some of the hardship, AccuConference is offering up to $100 of free calling to and from Japan for the rest of March.

For those who have loved ones, business interests, or friends in Japan right now, it must be a traumatic time,” David Byrd, VP of operations at AccuConference said. “We just want to help out and do what we can to keep people in contact with their friends and family in Japan.”

Anyone who would like to take advantage of the offer can call 1.800.977.4607 and reference the Japan earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear crises.

AccuConference Offers $50.00 Credit for People in Northeastern Snowstorm

With the massive snowstorm bearing down on the Northeast, AccuConference extended $50.00 in conferencing credit to help those who are stranded. The snowstorm has paralyzed many roads, railways, and airports, leaving thousands of people unable to make their destinations. By allowing the people stuck in the snowstorm to use their conference lines for free, AccuConference hopes to help people carry out their important meetings as planned.

Fort Worth, TX January 28, 2011

AccuConference, provider of web and audio conferencing, has offered free conference calling for those left immobilized by the snowstorm blanketing the northeast. For anyone unable to attend their important meeting due to the storm, AccuConference will not only connect you via telephone, but foot the bill as well.

As winter storm warnings were declared in regions surrounding Washington D.C., Delaware, Philadelphia, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and several other states in the North East, the National Weather Service warned that travel could be hazardous or impossible. Realizing that many people would be unable to make their destinations and meetings, AccuConference decided to extend its conferencing solution as a tool to help those who are bogged down in snow.

“If you are stuck in the storm, all of your calls this week are on us,” David Byrd, VP of operations at AccuConference said. The company is offering a $50 “snowstorm credit” to anyone who calls in and mentions they’re stuck in the storm.

AccuConference is capable of hosting 500 people on conference lines at a time, and meetings can be held over the phone within fifteen minutes of signing up. Anyone interested in taking part in the offer can call 1.800.977.4607 and mention the snowstorm credit to get $50.00 applied to their account.

“Our conferencing tools are perfect for this kind of thing,” Maranda Gibson, community manager at AccuConference said. “We’re more than capable of helping these folks who can’t make their meetings.”

Media Contact: Maranda Gibson, Community Manager 

New AccuDial iPhone app allows easy teleconferencing on the go

AccuDial iPhone App

The new AccuDial iPhone app by AccuConference is now available for iPhones everywhere.  With AccuDial, conference call customers of AccuConference will be able to easily join a conference call on the go.

But it’s not just for AccuConference customers.  The AccuDial app allows anyone with an iPhone to quickly connect to a conference call, regardless of who their teleconference provider is.  The AccuDial iPhone app stores multiple conference call dial-in numbers and access codes.  To join a conference, the user simply starts the AccuDial app and chooses one of the stored conference calls.  The AccuDial app then automatically dials into the conference and enters the access code at the appropriate time. 

David Byrd, VP Operations of AccuConference says, “Being able to quickly and efficiently accomplish business wherever you are is important.  Our iPhone app helps you do that.”
iPhone users can download the free AccuDial app from iTunes on a computer, or directly from their iPhone.  Setting up the AccuDial app for conference call use is easily done by filling in the conference call information.

Available in the App Store

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