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Five Conferencing Features To Use in 2009
(Oh, and they're free)

Free. It's one of the most lovable words in the English language. Most of the time there is always the question afterwards, "What's the catch?" Sometimes it's a contract, a service agreement, or even your right arm. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but sometimes you feel that way. Why can't anything be "free" without strings attached?  If there are strings attached, doesn't that mean that you're not really getting it for free - it's just a discount, special, sale, or worse - cheap?

I have had clients tell me that they were sorry for tying up my time.  They were simply trying to find the catch in our services. Personally, I love it when people are surprised by the amount of "freebies" we throw in.

The long and the short of it is one simple question: Are you making the most out of your AccuConference account? To be sure, here is a countdown of the most popular services that AccuConference includes with each account.

5.   Call Recording – Never Miss A Call Again  
Yes, all audio recordings are free. Once you connect as the moderator on a conference, press *2 to enable the conference to record. Once your call is over, you can download the recording to keep for your own records. This recording will be available online for thirty days.  There are tons of great reasons why you should record your conferences.

4.  PowerPoint Presentation – Add Powerful Visuals
According to Trent University there are multiple learning styles for every person. In order to best reach audio and visual learners, audio conferences should be accompanied by a slide presentation. Each AccuConference account comes with insight® web conferencing. Three quick steps will provide the important visual aspect of your conference. Upload the presentation, attach it to the conference line, and provide participants the link. It's simple and included with your account.

3.  Live Call Monitoring – Make Background Noise a Thing of the Past
The live call screen is available through the customer site for any live conference. You can see when someone joins or leaves the call and the caller ID for each participant. The best thing about the live call screen is being able to identify the line creating the background noise and silence it. The line will no longer broadcast into the conference, thus eliminating echoes or background noises, but allowing the participant to still hear the conference call.

2. Question and Answer Sessions – Take A Question, Give an Answer.
On a live conference, press *5 to mute all participants and instruct them to press *1 to submit a question. They will then be listed under a question queue where you will navigate through the questions, taking one at a time until they have all been asked. If a questioner becomes unruly, you can skip right over them and send them back into the listen only mode, or disconnect them completely from the call.

1. Attendance Tracking – Collect Custom Information
Registration pages are the number one business tool that you may not be using. Here is how it works: we build it for you, put your logo on it, and create a questionnaire to gather your participants' information.  Once registration is complete, each participant receives their own code.  The benefits of the registration page will be clear once a conference is complete. You will know who attended and who didn't and help you to better personalize your follow up with clients, which can be an incredibly important tool in any business.

So there they are.  The five services included with every account that you should be using. Before you start asking yourself why, ask yourself why not?

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