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AccuConference Client Profile: Lone Star Conference

In 1931, Lone Star Conference was founded and remains the oldest conference in the Southwest. In 1982, the conference joined the illustrious list of the NCAA Division II schools and has been a part of the NCAA since. They take great pride in their involvement with the NCAA and look to be a leader in Division II sports.

Their mission is to foster success and participation among their students and make Division II athletics an important part of their partner schools' missions. NCAA Division II athletic principals extend into the classroom and provide a foundation of personal growth, success, and teach the importance of community involvement.

LSC was formed with a group of five universities in Texas. In the past they have included schools in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Currently, Lone Star Conference is the home for nine Texas schools, one in Oklahoma, and one in New Mexico. Stan sums up the Lone Star Conference by clearly stating, "The function that we preform is to help those eleven universities organize their intercollegiate athletic programs."

With universities spread out over three different states, staying in touch with the various athletic directors would either require a lot of travel time or a conferencing provider. AccuConference is excited to use this opportunity to announce that we are the official conference calling provider for the Lone Star Conference. "There's a lot of communication and meetings, so certainly teleconferencing services is a very valuable tool for the way we operate," Stan said.

Lone Star Conference will continue to be an important part of the NCAA Division II program as they expand their reach to other schools and extend their network by watching for changes. There is a lot of movement in conferences right now and the folks over at LSC are looking to the future to continue to grow. Since many Division II schools are smaller institutions, the LSC committees are evaluating smaller schools to see how LSC could grow with them.

AccuConference is excited to provide such a valuable service to Lone Star Conference and look forward to growing with them.

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