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Two Ways Recordings Make Your Conferences Unforgettable

A lot of customers ask us how they can use their conference recording as a part of their business and what benefit it can have.

Replay Conference Calls with Popular Speakers - We have a customer who sets up a call once a month to replay an interview they did with a popular entrepreneur. Doing this gives them the option to turn what would have been a one-time event into a marketing strategy that they can use over and over again. They simply set up a call, attach the recording, and play it back into a live conference. Now, the opportunity that they had with the speaker can be used in their company for multiple events. When you have a chance like this to speak with a well-respected and known name in the industry, you should take advantage of the benefit, not just once, but a number of times.

Transcribe for Intra-Office Publications - Does your company send out a monthly newsletter or update to employees? When you have a conference call to discuss the changes and great things that are coming to your company, you can send a transcription of the recording to your participants. This takes the burden of newsletter writing off someone in your office and provides transparency to your employees. If they can see everything that was said and who said it, they will have a deeper level of trust for the leaders of your organization.

Two Ways to Manage Recordings

Recording your conference is simple. Our customers have a wide range of uses of our system, and recordings are always provided in a compatible MP3 format to make it simple to use, share, and edit for whatever your needs may be.

Want to Record Every Call?

We have an easy way to make sure that all of your conversations, not just your conferences, can be downloaded. Call us at 800.989.9239 for more information.

Lessons from a bored Room

Lessons From a Bored Room

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