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How to be more Productive Part 1 of 2

Phone conferencing is extremely efficient, and that’s why we like it. It allows us to maximize our time and to be more productive. Our customers value this as well; and so we’ve created a two-part newsletter with some helpful tips.

We’ve included ten points below, and the rest will be released in next month’s newsletter.

  1. Utilize Technology – Technology, such as phone conferencing, can be a huge productivity booster. For example, conferencing allows you to eliminate long commutes and keep accurate records of your meetings. In addition you can pay to have your meetings automatically transcribed or download them for free.
  2. Stop Distractions – Before you can maximize productivity, you need to know how to control the obvious distractions in your workplace. Perhaps it is browsing the internet, writing personal e-mails or talking on the phone for too long. Identify your areas of weakness and begin to set boundaries. A little goes a long way.
  3. Establish Boundaries for Others – Sometimes other people will cause you to be unproductive. Remove these distractions as well. This might involve confronting or even avoiding them all together. If someone at your work really likes to talk, then ask them if you can talk later. You could also listen to music to drown out distractions or wear headphones to look like you’re busy. If people send you distracting e-mail forwards, then have them automatically forward to a personal folder to read at a later date. For every distraction, there is always a way to manage it.
  4. Reward Yourself - If you have accomplished a lot, reward yourself. Take a moment to send personal e-mails, take a snack break or run an errand. Don’t do these things until you’ve checked something off your list and be sure to show discretion when you reward yourself.
  5. Regular breaks – Sometimes it’s best to work in short burst. Take regular breaks to stretch or rest your eyes and perhaps get a drink of water. Being relaxed will help you focus better and make you more productive. Try working hard for ten minutes and then take a two minute break. Then work hard for 20 minutes and take a 5 minute break.
  6. Have a Schedule –If you were automatically “clocked-in” for every activity that you did, what would that look like? Scheduling your time is a lot like budgeting your money. If you keep track of how you spend your time, you will know how much is needed to get things done. Establish a “time-budget” and stick to it. This will help you feel less-overwhelmed.
  7. Goals - You should set micro-goals for your day-to-day / hour-to-hour tasks, and macro-goals for your month-to-month / year-to-year objectives. Establishing rules, guidelines and boundaries will help you reach these goals.
  8. Procrastination - The longer you put it off, the worse it gets. If you ignore it, it won’t go away. If you have a daunting task that you estimate will take an hour to complete, set aside 20 minutes a day to work on it. You do not need to make very much progress; you just need to commit to trying. As you begin to make progress, you will become more motivated.
  9. One Thing at a Time – Multi-tasking is deceptive. It makes you think that you’re getting a lot done when in fact you’re just keeping busy. There is a reason why you can’t rub your head and pat your tummy at the same time. Your mind likes to focus on one thing at a time.
  10. Get Comfortable – Make sure that your work environment is exactly the way you like it. Being uncomfortable is distracting and it will hinder your productivity. So if you’re cold, find a jacket. If your monitor hurts your eyes, get a new one.

To be continued…

For more suggestions on being productive, stay tuned for next months Big Talk Newsletter. Visit our blog today at www.accuconference.com/blog to read other weekly tips and commentaries.

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