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5 Ways to Get and Keep Interest on a Conference Call

Put in a search on Twitter for "conference call" and you'll get a list of anyone who is talking about conference calls. It seems like everyone is on one, getting off one, or dreading one. It seems as if conference calls don't really inspire joy and excitement in participants. How can you be sure they are worth your time and energy if everyone is zoning out or not paying attention?

From sales calls to inter-office meetings, a conference call can be a great addition to your strategies. How do you keep people excited about a conference call that they are probably not looking forward to?

Here is a list of five things you can do to keep interest on conference calls and to turn the standard conference call into a memorable and enjoyable experience.

1. Use Visual Aids
Using a slide presentation helps keep all the information organized and appeals to those who pay better attention with something to look at and not just someone to listen to.

2. Play a Quick Get to Know You Game
Conference calls are connecting people from all around the world at once, so why not take five minutes and introduce yourself? Say your name, the office you're from, and tell the other callers something interesting about yourself. For example, "I'm Maranda, I'm from Fort Worth, and I have a deep affection for reality television."

3. Introduce Guest Speakers with Interesting Tidbits
On a larger conference there isn't enough time to have everyone do introductions, so give your audience that personal touch by offering some little-known information about your guest speakers. "This is Bob, you all know him as our CEO, but when he was a child he delivered pizzas."

4. Stay on Task Throughout the Call
If you veer off on a tangent during the call, you're going to find that people are tuning out and forgetting to tune back in once you get back on track. They could miss important information. Make an itinerary of the call and send it out, that way you are clear on topics and expectations.

5. Offer an Incentive
We had a client that would give away something on every call. At the end of each conference, he would randomly pick a name or phone number from the live call list and announce that they would receive a special gift. Why not do this on your conferences? We all know everyone loves free stuff, so go to your local restaurant or store and pick up a gift card to give away to a participant. You might be surprised how excited people get at the idea of a free lunch.

5 Ways to Get and Keep Interest on a Conference Call - AccuConference Cartoons

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