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AccuDial iPhone Application

AccuConference iPhone App

There's an abundance of service providers and it always seems like there's a new conference code and conference access number to dial. This information can easily go missing as emails get deleted and papers get shuffled around or thrown away. If you have an Apple iPhone, getting into a conference call in the middle of your busy day just got easier.

It was only a matter of time before we created an iPhone application and the AccuDial conference app rolled out this month to the iTunes store.

With the AccuDial iPhone application you can store multiple sets of conference call numbers and codes from any conferencing provider.  It is available now for download at the iTunes store and AccuDial is completely free.  The AccuDial application stores conference call access numbers and codes, and then with a tap of the screen, dials the service and enters the conference code for you.

You can store each of the conference lines by name so that you know who is who. Imagine if you have a lot of conferences coming up for different clients. Trying to remember who belongs to what conference can be difficult, but storing the name with the information helps you to keep it organized and just a touch away.

To download the AccuDial iPhone application just follow the steps below. It's completely free to download.

Available in the App Store

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Go to the iTunes Store
  3. Click on App Store
  4. Search for "AccuDial"
  5. Select "Get App" to download

You can also download the application right from your phone.

  1. Select the "App Store"
  2. Go to "Search"
  3. Type in "AccuDial"
  4. Download the app right to your phone.
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