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AccuConference Client Profile: Conference Concepts

Chip Stockton is the CEO of Conference Concepts, Inc. This partnership was formed years ago as formal event planners and producers of highly technical conferences that relate to the most cutting edge of technology. For Chip's role in Conference Concepts, he handles contracts, finances, and logistics for each of the events that Conference Concepts hosts.

Their goal and mission is to create an educational and technical networking forum that encourages relationships between engineers, experts, and vendors in various fields that are driven by technology. Their hope is to create an environment that puts them at the leading edge of technology that engages the industry in the long term.

In 1994, Chip was approached by his eventual Conference Concepts partner that was looking for a place to exercise his technological knowledge beyond the editorial and published venues. Producing these events has proved successful in the long term and their events have ranged from small workshops to large tradeshows.

Conference Concepts utilizes AccuConference as a bi-weekly mechanism to touch base with staff members. These staff members are responsible for the various events that Conference Concepts host throughout the year, so it is vital that everyone stays in touch and has the most recent updates and changes. "Since our staff members are located throughout the US and Europe, our best way of communicating issues, solutions, or problems is on a scheduled basis." Chip explained.

The most important conference call feature to Chip is recording, given that the number of people on his conference calls has steadily increased since he started with us. "I'm always amazed at the number of people and minutes used on our calls and what's accomplished. Email is OK, but requires a significant effort to 'clue in' thirty people. With AccuConference, you can state your case and move on to the next subject."

Chip looks forward to the continued growth of Conference Concepts and hopes to see his younger staff getting the opportunity to take the reins of keeping the company viable. As a technology company that sees the importance of embracing new products and services, AccuConference is thrilled that we are such a vital part of Conference Concepts planning process.

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