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Seven MORE Ways to be Productive - Part 2

As a continuation from last month's newsletter, here are seven more tips that will help boost your productivity at work.

Be Prepared - Stay on-target by having a back-up plan. For example, suppose you had a meeting scheduled across town but an ice storm made the roads dangerous to travel. A conference call would provide the perfect back-up solution and would save you from wasting precious time and energy re-scheduling.

Utilize Technology: Take advantage of the various tools at hand. When using a cell phone, take a message if you're busy. When using email, remove the auto-check feature or set it to check every 20 minutes. Some people need real-time updates, but for everyone else these tools can be distractions. Designate a time to return email and phone calls. Keep your responses short and sweet to save time.

Associate Wisely - It is human nature to adapt to ones surroundings, so make sure those around you are a good influence. Surround yourself with individuals who are geared for success and who manage their time well.

Take Ownership - Motivate yourself to succeed by taking ownership of your work. Find out which goals motivated you and make them your focus. If you are unsatisfied with your work, you will not be productive. For some of you this is crucial; either find your purpose or find another job.

Be Proactive - Don't blame other people and events for your problems. Instead, be proactive so that it doesn't happen again. "Pity Parties" do not make you more productive because you are too busy pointing the finger at someone (or something) else. You are responsible for your own success.

Manage your Time - Create a timeline at the start of your day. Then establish definitive goals, benchmarks, and measurements as your day moves along. This will assist in developing good habits and patterns.

Think success -Think success, and you will be successful.

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