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AccuConference Client Profile

By: Maranda Gibson


Recently, I got the chance to talk to Jeff Otis, President of AngelVision Technologies, a leading internet sales and marketing company. AngelVision began nearly 10 years ago and provides support to about 3,000 clients worldwide and is continuing to grow quickly.

AngelVision writes, produces, and creates Impact Movies™ for clients. These movies are short messages, usually about three minutes long, designed to help a client get their most compelling message in front of their targeted audience and lead that audience into the next steps in a sales process. There are over 20 ways an Impact Movie™ can be used, which gives a client a world of flexibility and ROI. "Impact Movies create a clear understanding of what a company does and why a prospect should take the time to learn more," says Jeff. You can view a sample here: www.ImpactMovies.com

How They Use AccuConference

To generate sales, Jeff and his team use their own Impact Movie to invite potential customers to join them for their popular webinar, 'Coffee with AngelVision'. AngelVision covers all the details regarding the Impact Movies in this webinar including pricing and examples of how their clients are using Impact Movies with success. AngelVision hosts this webinar four days per week. 'Coffee with AngelVision' is the first line of communication with new prospective customers, offering a relaxed atmosphere where everyone stays at their own desk in their own office to learn what AngelVision is all about. "It's our belief that people don't want to be sold to but they don't mind being educated about things that can help them. We try to make this a very relaxed and educational webinar without the sales pressure," says Jeff.

Once a lead becomes a client, AngelVision employs the use of AccuConference to hold staff meetings and communicate with clients. It's a crucial part of the development process and keeping clients updated is important. AngelVision records most conference calls and uses them for review at a later date so that all of their ideas are saved, stored, and able to be retrieved. "We wouldn't be able to use a service that didn't offer that capability." Jeff said.

In the next five years AngelVision hopes to continue to integrate new technology as it makes sense and grow their business to reach even more niche markets. If you're curious about AngelVision and what they do, check out more information at the links below.

I would like to issue a big thank you to Jeff Otis, President of AngelVision for taking the time to let me talk to him for the first in a series of AccuConference Client Profiles. If you would like to be featured in next month's newsletter, please call me at 800.977.4607 and ask for Maranda.

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