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AccuConference Client Profile: Primavera Online High School

In 2001, Primavera Online High School and Middle School opened its virtual doors. The goal of Primavera was to provide Arizona students with alternative learning environments that personalizes education for every student. This month, Maranda Gibson spoke with Teri Erickson, Project Director for Primavera Online High School.

Around the time that Primavera opened their virtual doors for students, the technological revolution ushered in a plethora of options for today's students. One such option was the ability to take the classroom to the Internet and Primavera embraced the idea of a virtual classroom with open arms. Their education programs meet Arizona's rigorous standards while allowing students to study on a flexible schedule, any time of day, anywhere there is an internet connection. The programs are tuition free and have grown to the point that they host events like prom, clubs, and graduation ceremonies. "Primavera tapped into the many ways of using technology to help our students achieve academic success," Teri says.

To learn more about their programs you can visit their website and Twitter.

Primavera uses conference lines to accommodate their various departments in delivering staff updates, advisory meetings, parent/teacher conferences, student orientations, and educational tutoring sessions. As an accredited educational program, Primavera services students all over Arizona and conferencing helps them in communicating important requirements, student academic progress, and overall school activities.

In essence, AccuConference serves as Primavera's administration building.

"Primavera's leadership team focuses greatly on communication and its intrinsic value in the online environment," Teri states, "Live communication with stake holders is critical to success and we are grateful to companies like AccuConference for assisting us along the way."

AccuConference is not just for business services or marketing. As technology continues to be on the rise, conference call services like ours are becoming an important part of the educational process - which we think is pretty cool.

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