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Secure Conference Calls

Privacy and security have been hitting several headlines lately. To make sure your account and conferences are secure, here are three things you can do to protect your account that are very simple.

Change Your Moderator Codes Each Year

Since a moderator code gives you full access to a conference call, it's a good idea to reset these every year. You can change your moderator codes without having to change any of the participant codes.

Review Your Users List

Log into your customer account and take a look at who still has log in permissions to your account. You may have former employees that still have moderator and participant codes that they can use. Give us a call and let us go through your active conference lines and users to make sure that no one has access to a conference line or to your account that doesn't need to.

Posting Your Moderator Code Online is a Bad Idea

Sharing your moderator code isn't the best idea. You want to keep this code private. When your moderator code can be found online, it can be used to charge up a lot of money that you will be responsible for. We have several options for inviting guests without you having to give out your moderator code. Speaker or participant codes are great to include on invitations.

We have a lot of options for securing your conference calls beyond these. Call us at 1.800.977.4607 for more information about our security features.

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