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Find Clarity in Your Calls Part 1

Every once in awhile your conference call might be interrupted by unwarranted noise or static either from a problematic caller or a bad line.  More often than not, it can be resolved and even eliminated.

Here are some things to keep in mind when hosting a conference and things start sounding less than clear:

The Power Of *6

Pressing *6 on your telephone will immediately mute or unmute your individual line. Even speakers/presenters can use *6 to mute the line when not speaking. If you or someone else on your call are on a cell phone, dialing from an international location, or in a room with other people, pressing *6 can eliminate your background noise.

If You Are the Speaker/Presenter use appropriate equipment.

It is best to use a headset with a quality microphone. Using a standard hand set (holding the phone with your hand) will cause variations in your sound volume due to the varying position of the microphone and your mouth. In addition, using a headset allows you to have both hands free.

Prior to your conference, or in your pre-conference, test the volume of your voice with another caller. If the volume is set too high your voice will sound distorted; if too low, you will not be heard clearly. If you must use a speaker phone, please call our customer service to perform a sound check. Most speaker phones do not have a quality microphone to pick up your voice clearly.  Call us anytime to perform a sound check: 1.800.989.9239

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