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Care to take a poll?

Polling is now included with every AccuConference account. The new survey tool is bundled with insight™ web conferencing which allows users to share PowerPoint, host a live Q & A session, and use text-based chat.

The online-polling allows a moderator to post real-time results during a conference call. It also enables participants to offer feedback during a meeting without voicing their opinion out-loud. Polling can prevent long-winded discussions and debates by letting participants vote on a topic anonymously.

insightweb conferencing is included with every AccuConference account at no extra cost. It is entirely web-based which means there is no downloading or installation required.  The program is 100% Mac compatible and can be used with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and any other mainstream web browser.

Log in to your account and use insight™ today to keep your participants engaged!

NEW AccuConference Outlook ® Plug-in

The “AccuPlugin” stores your conference information to help you create meeting invitations and Outlook calendar reminders. It is an easy-to-use toolbar that seamlessly integrates within Microsoft Outlook.  Download the plug-in here.

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Lessons from a bored Room

Lessons From a Bored Room

How to avoid meeting monotony, be a better speaker, and make your communication sing

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