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Find Clarity in Your Calls Part 2

Continuation from Part 1:

Here are some more things to keep in mind when hosting a conference call and things start sounding less than clear:

Background noise
Any number of things can cause background noise. Request that your participants are in a quiet environment, especially the moderator or speaker. In addition, request that each participant press *6 to mute their lines during the call, or better yet, use lecture mode (press *5) to mute all participants during the presentation.

Feedback - multiple lines in a room
Using two phones in the same room (one for you, one for the recording device) will cause echo and feedback noise to enter your conference.  Feedback is caused by one telephone's receiver picking up the other phones audio.  This is especially prevalent with speakerphones.

Voice-Over IP
Skype, Vonage, etc. are not as clear as a land-line phone. Voice-Over IP lines utilize the internet to transfer audio. Because the internet has varying levels of speed, these lines have varying levels of voice quality. If you are using a VOIP line, make sure to use *6 to mute your line.  Speakers and Moderators should not use VOIP lines.

International Callers
Use our included Outdial Feature when you have International Callers. Using our Outdial Feature will ensure a direct, clear line at a very low rate. Make sure to dial a land line (not VOIP) at the location of your International Caller.  Over 30 countries are available for International Outdial at no additional costs. Cell phones will incur higher rates as well as lower the sound quality.  Other countries vary in rate – please call customer service for exact rates.

Click Here to View Free Countries for Outdial

Click Here to View Outdial Instructions

Cell phone interference with handset.
Cell phones can interfere with land-line phones. Even with vibrate mode, cell phones can cause unwanted noise to enter a telephone line.  Make sure cell phones are at least 3 feet from computer speakers & land-line phones when holding your conference.

Music on hold
Strongly request that if someone needs to step away from the phone they press *6 which will place their line on mute. This will eliminate radio music playing into your conference.

Manage your Calls Online
The benefit of viewing your calls online will allow you to pinpoint specific lines which are causing noise within a conference. During a live call, any line with noise (voice or other noise) will blink with the Volume Icon. Controlling your call by allowing who gets heard will make your call clearer and more professional.

To login, go to www.AccuConference.com/customer
-Enter your email address and password
-Click on “Live Calls” to see your conference
**Call us at 1.800.989.9239 for a more detailed demonstration.

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