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AccuConference Client Profile: The ImageMaker, Inc.®

By: Maranda Gibson

About The ImageMaker Inc. ®

Joyce Knudsen, better known as Dr. Joyce, is the owner of The ImageMaker Inc.® and has been working in image consulting for 25 years. She was kind enough to talk to me about the work her firm does and how they utilize AccuConference's services to accomplish some of their firm's goals.

The goal of The ImageMaker Inc.® is to help people feel and look good. Dr. Joyce believes there is nothing better you can do for yourself like developing your self-esteem.  I must admit that within 5 minutes of talking to Dr. Joyce, I was feeling great - her energy is contagious.

Dr. Joyce not only offers individual consultations, she also teaches certification courses for becoming a professional image consultant.  Dr. Joyce believes that self-esteem comes from the inside and that you truly cannot love anyone else until you love yourself.

She also offers corporate training for leadership and personal development and helps to assess individuals, and identify quality leaders.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is the holder of a Ph.D. in Human Services with an emphasis on self-image.

How Dr. Joyce uses AccuConference

Dr. Joyce has been an AccuConference customer for less than a year, but has taken full advantage of our recording and archiving features. As part of the inspirational Talk Radio Network, Joyce hosts a radio show called The ImageMaker Presents. She interviews various speakers, writers, and professionals and makes those interviews available online.  The inspirational Talk Radio Network archive is available in a blog form, as well as a podcast from iTunes.

While our recording and archiving services are her primary use, it is not what brought Dr. Joyce to AccuConference.  Dr. Joyce chose AccuConference because of our commitment to professional calls.  Since she uses the service to host interviews with her guests it was imperative that she have a professional quality service. "I feel a little bit more confident using AccuConference than the free services because I feel that on a radio show you have to be professional."

While she could have chosen a free service to conduct her interviews, she chose to use AccuConference to guarantee no interruptions. She is often told on her Twitter and Facebook accounts by loyal followers that they visit her site at least once a day to hear her new interviews.

In the next five years, Joyce plans to have trainers teaching her courses worldwide. She also plans to continue to write and mentor, and hopes that her work will leave a legacy for those who will follow in her footsteps.

Dr. Joyce's materials are available to everyone and can be applied to all aspects of business including customer service, marketing, communications, and even personal development. If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Joyce or The ImageMaker, Inc®, you can find her links below.  You can also contact her through her Twitter (@drjoyce_knudsen) or her Facebook account as Dr. Joyce.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Dr. Joyce Knudsen for allowing me to conduct this interview with her and featuring her in our monthly client profile. If you would like to be featured in the next profile, please call me at 800.977.4607 and just ask for Maranda.

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