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When You're "Live but not in person"

You can do almost anything in a conference that you can do in person. (alt. You can communicate just as well in a tele-conference as you can in a person to person meeting.) Discussing topics, using visuals, lecturing large audiences, and presenting new ideas are perfect uses for a conference. The convenience and savings of time and travel expenses for outweigh the effort invested in learning to use your conferencing service properly.

Determine Your Purpose
The purpose of your conference should dictate how you proceed to present your information. Different conference styles are best achieved with slightly difference settings. Different types of call, such as calls to present goals, to discussing ideas, to solving problems, to motivate participants, or to gather input, have different formats and techniques that one should use in order to maximize the presentation.

Consider Different Time Zones
When you publish meeting times, be sure to indicate the time zone you are located in. Participants can be easily confused when the meeting leader announces a time in his or her local time zone, and then sends out an email or note with a non specific time zone. Tip: By showing multiple time zones you can both show the reach of your company, and that also helps ease the time conversion for your participants.

Introduce Yourself
Ask your participants to identify themselves each time they speak. In groups, it is easy to lose the thread of conversation when working with many speakers, or if any speakers sound alike. The only exception from these repeated identifications is the primary presenter or host.

Conclude with Purpose & Direction
Don’t let your presentation whimper to a close with participants drifting away. Thank people for their participation, and let them know how they can get a copy of the presentation. Tip: Unmuting all the lines at the end of your call for a final goodbye can increase the energy of your call, and leave participants with a strong feeling of participation.

Conferencing increases productivity, saves time, travel & money and contributes to a team-building culture. By adapting your presentation and speaking style, you can take full advantage of the medium and make your calls sound better than ever.

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