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Go Green: the universal solution to saving money and the economy

Would Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise fly halfway around the galaxy to attend a weekly Starfleet meeting?  Of course not - he would switch on his holographic video conferencing system!

Much of what propels mankind forward is our ability to embrace technology from the past. After all, it was back in 1844 when the first telegraph was developed which enabled us to wire messages across the world without having to travel.  And yet, we still waste time and resources on expensive business trips to complete tasks that we are capable of completing at our desks.

We need to embrace technology and reduce our dependency on oil-heavy business travel; and conference calling is an easy and affordable way to do this.  The biggest culprits for fuel consumption are automobiles and airplanes. If we reduce our use of these machines, not only will we ease our dependency on oil but, as an added bonus, cut pollution in the process.

Why is this so important? Because the United States is addicted to oil and is dependent on other countries to provide it.  We import over 12.5 million barrels per day which equates to approximately 65% of our daily consumption. This sort of dependency will have a major impact on our country’s long-term economic health.

Myth #1 – It’s expensive for a company to “Go Green”

Whether you’re traveling to work by car or to a business meeting by plane, conference calling is an alternative that can reduce fuel consumption. Once travel time is reduced, you will also eliminate the associate costs of eating out and overnight accommodations. The next step is to work from home.  This will reduce your company’s day-to-day expenses such as air conditioning and lighting.

Fact: The Environmental Protection Agency says that if 10% of Americans worked from home only one day a week, that they’d conserve 1.2 million gallons of fuel ­­­­­­and prevent 24 million pounds of pollutants from entering the atmosphere - per week.

Since we’re on the topic of going green and reducing fuel consumption, here are some other ways to reduce your environmental impact and save money. First, replace half your trash cans with recycling bins for  paper, soda cans, and bottles. Next, buy recycled toner cartridges for your printers and copiers (they are often cheaper).  Lastly, adjust the power settings on your monitors and computers so they consume less while sitting idle.

Myth #2 – Implementing environmental change is difficult

If you make the change gradual, going green is manageable. If large and cumbersome companies such as Wal-Mart and Home-Depot can do it, surely smaller companies can do the same.

Conference calling is easy to use and implement. Not only will it save companies money, but it will also save time and allow employees to become more productive. Find out more by reading our blog. (See: Commuting, Homeshoring, and Business Travel ).  

By being the catalyst for positive change you will gain the respect of your peers, co-workers, and employees. Your clients and consumers will also begin to notice.

With an undeniable push for companies to “go green” and embrace technology, are you leading the way or are you light years behind?


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