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Moving Towards a Conference Nation

The really great thing about using a conference call service is that everyone uses it differently.  You're able to fine tune the service to meet whatever needs your company has. We recently published a free e-book called Conference Nation: How Everyday People are Using Conference Calls to Boost Productivity which breaks down some of the different ways businesses, both large and small, are using conference call services.

Team Work
Use conference calls and webinars for collaboration within your business or between co-workers.  Working as a team improves productivity, and using conference call features like out- dialing lets you bring in other parties that might be needed on the conference.  Use this in conjunction with other features and be sure that your team is ready to roll whenever and wherever you might be.

Hiring Process
Conference calls are an easy and smart way to start the hiring process in your company.  Instead of bringing in potential employees for their first interview, just invite them to a conference call.  You stay at your desk, they don't have to fight traffic, and you still get that initial feel for a person.  If you like what you've heard from them after the conference is over, and you want to continue with a second interview, then you can invite them to a video conference – or an old- fashioned face-to-face office meeting.

One of the hardest parts about being in sales is getting a potential client to carve out time to demo your product. Using a video conference is a great way to work with a client's schedule and find time to give your pitch.  Schedule a video conference with them so that they can stay at their desk, able to attend to pressing matters, while you are still able to demonstrate your product and answer any questions.

Client Relations
It's easy to realize that clients are the bread and butter of any good business. Keeping clients happy not only keeps them coming back for more, but increases the likelihood that they'll recommend you to a friend. Keep clients informed by scheduling conferences to display a new product, announce a new feature or take questions.  Tell them to invite a potential referral with them so that you can get introduced. Communication is the key and clients will be happy to know you're willing to open up to them.

Close your eyes and try to remember every meeting you've been to in the last month. Now try to remember everything that was discussed.  Not so easy, is it?  Conference calls can give you the ability to record every meeting, regardless of how long or short the meetings are. You have the ability to store your talking points, review new ideas, and have a system in place to let those who were unable to attend have an available recording. Keeping everyone on the same page is going to help your business run a little smoother. 

For more suggestions on how everyday businesses are using conference calls and webinars to enhance their productivity, visit our white papers and read blogs, FAQs, or check out all of our free e-books, including Conference Nation.


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