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Starfleet recorded everything ever said by anyone, alien or human, anywhere in the universe. The result? World domination.

You may not seek world domination, but if you've managed to get the president of the galaxy and the interplanetary council together on one conference call, you'd better be recording that call. Because, somewhere, there were a few Borgs too busy assimilating aliens to make the call. With Accuconference's free recording service, they could play it back anytime, from anywhere, including the Andromeda Galaxy.

If everyone realized the cost savings and untapped profit potential of the free recording service that comes with your conferencing package, more of them would be planning world domination – or at least dominion over the company.

Here's how:


The Forgotten Conference Call

Accuconference customer and reseller, Mitch Meyerson, is an author and marketing expert who has delivered thousands of hours of teleclasses to up and coming entrepreneurs. He uses recordings faithfully because, as an entrepreneur and coach, he can repurpose them into content for course revisions, future courses, curriculum guides, testimonials, and marketing materials.

Meyerson urges other Accuconference customers to use them. He says,“Entrepreneurs and companies spend a lot of money on meetings and trainings – sometimes upwards of thousands of dollars per person – and people miss the calls,” he says. “With the Accuconference recording features, everyone can hear the call any time, from anywhere.”

With the conferencing services industry expected to reach $5 billion in 2007, according to the market analyst firm, Wainhouse Research, revenues lost to companies by forgotten conference calls are substantial.

Essentially, if you're not recording, you're beaming your money, time, and expertise out into space.

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NEW Product Release

Accu800 let's you create a personalized toll-free number that can be redirected to any phone, anywhere. It provides a free and easy way for your clients and employees to contact you.

  • Provide Toll-Free Access to You or Your Business
  • Receive Faxes  (by email in PDF format)
  • Record Your Phone Calls
  • Initiate Conference Calls

Have you ever wondered who invented the eight-hour workday?

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