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Need Operator Assistance?

When setting up a conference call there are a lot of questions that come to mind.  What date and time works well? How many people do we want to invite?  Should we use a registration page? Are there any special arrangements we need to make with the conference provider? Hopefully, one of the questions you're asking yourself is whether or not you want an operator on the call. Here's a quick list of some reasons why an operator can be a great benefit to your conference.

Create a sense of formality. Having an operator on the call creates a sense of importance.  Even if you're just having quarterly earnings calls or holding a "tele-press" conference, having an operator on the line instantly produces a formal mood. Our operator will introduce the conference, thank everyone for joining, and then turn the call over to you.  The operator stays on the line throughout the call to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

International Callers. Set up an operator outdial call to reach out to international participants who may be uneasy about trying to connect to a conference overseas.  The operator can call the international participant and connect them into the conference room with everyone else. An operator assisted outdial call also grants you access to an operator throughout the call if you so choose.

Comfort. Knowing that there is someone on the line, dedicated solely to your call, as well as knowing the technical mumbo jumbo will help you concentrate on what really matters – the content of your conference.  You'll get an extra boost of confidence throughout the call knowing that there's someone else on the line just for you.

Gather information. If you've decided the registration process is just not going to work for your conference, then set up an operator answered call.  A live operator will gather information from the participants before confirming their access to the conference and patching them into the call. If you would like to give us a list of names, and only allow those people into the conference, we can do that too.

We're flexible. While we do have default scripts and general procedures, we always accept special instructions from our customers.  This is your call and it should sound the way you want. The operator will be available fifteen minutes before the conference to go over any last minute details, such as the way you might want a speaker introduced or any special verbiage you might have.

Operator services do require minimum agreements and have special rate. Most of our clients use operator services on specific calls, rather than as the account standard. If you think an operator might be a good idea on your next conference, give us a call and let us help you decide if it's a good option for you.


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