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AccuConference Customer Profile:  Worldwide Court Reporters

By: Maranda Gibson

One thing that is fun about writing client profiles is to see the different ways our customers use our services. We offer more than "conference calling", so it's awesome when I see a customer really getting a lot out of the different features we have. This month, I spoke with Chad Woodard, Lead Scheduling Coordinator at Worldwide Court Reporters.

Who is Worldwide Court Reporters?

Worldwide Court Reporters was started in 1980 and provides litigation services to law firms such as court reporting, teleconferencing, interpreters, document management, and video services. Chad and his team understand the importance of providing one-stop shopping for their customers. They also have a number of services to keep witnesses, opposing counsel, and evidence digitally organized.

Why AccuConference?

Judges don't want to wait and Worldwide Court Reporters uses blast dialing to keep from wasting time by calling all of the parties involved in the legal proceeding at once. "That has been a savior as far as time saving and pleasing the Judge. That's been very beneficial to us." Chad said. They can easily move from case to case without the time consuming process of dialing each party individually. Since they deal in legal matters, it's also important for the court reporters to know who was on the conference and using the live call screen feature makes it simple for them to know exactly who is on the conference call and who isn't.

Billing through AccuConference is made easy because the statement for each call is available once it's completed instead of having to wait until the end of the invoice cycle to see the cost per call. We also provide them an Excel spreadsheet that can be sent directly to the accounting department so that the attorneys can be charged and proceedings can move forward, instead of having to wait for the invoice and do all of the billing at the end of the month.

In 10 Years…

Worldwide Court Reporters has been around for over two decades and Chad knows that as technology changes and adapts, their business will change with it. Since we follow the trends of technology, AccuConference will be changing right along with them.

I've had the pleasure of working with Chad since he first set up his account for Worldwide Court Reporters and thank him very much for taking the time to speak with me.

If you use our features in a unique way and want to talk about it, please give me a call at 800.977.4607 and just ask for Maranda.

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