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Convenient Control All In One Place

Conference calls are not just about convenience and saving money. While those things happen conference calling is also about having more control and ability.  Since you're already using a conference call provider, you've gotten used to this idea of convenience. No one has to get up from their desks, shuffle down the hall to the conference room, wait around for everyone to get there,  and go through roll call before you even get started.

Roll Call

You can save time on your conference calls when each participant has a code assigned to their name or department. You already know that the conference history stores the caller ID of the participant. On a conference where attendance is a vital piece of information, you can save time on attendance checking if each person has a code assigned to their name. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to decipher area codes and phone numbers to participants, put yourself in the position where it's just a matter of going down a list and checking names.

Personal Touch

You can also personalize Q&A sessions by assigning a code to each person, listed by name,  that will be joining your conference. If you're hosting conference calls as a way to expand your client base, this can help to show that you have a true investment in your clients.  You want to address them by name, you want them to know that you believe in the principals of customer service, so imagine being able to address them by name right out of the gate. 

Attendance Control

There are also a lot of features you can enable on custom codes, like setting expiration dates or allowing them only to be used at one time. Setting an expiration date for the code means that on the date you pick (i.e. ; August 29) that code will no longer be valid. This can be an incredibly useful tool if you're using conference calls for a seminar.  You can keep the conference open for registrants but control who's on your conference, and when. If you set the codes to be used ‘one at a time' only one person can be connected into a conference with that code at a time. Take the seminar example again, if you have clients who have paid to join your conference, you can make sure that no one is giving out the conference code and having additional people join in.

By using these different features you are going to know exactly who is on your call, when they are on your conference, and be able to save time in the long run. Take control of your next conference call by using these custom codes and you will save time in the long run.

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