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In this world of a constantly mobile and dispersed workforce, board meetings, sales visits and training sessions are conducted from home offices, coffee shops, airport lounges and hotel rooms (rarely suites!).  A generation of proud “road warriors” has emerged who require all of the functionality and convenience of the office while on the road.

AccuConference has grown and prospered by delivering new and indispensable products to meet the needs of this demanding marketplace, who embrace only products that meet—and exceed—their needs. Real time communication is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

insight is the latest feature from AccuConference that brings full integration of PowerPoint® presentations to conference calling. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh, insight incorporates comprehensive host controls online and can mute and un-mute participants at will, not to mention facilitating live Q&A sessions. Unlike many other products, insight users don’t have to download anything to view presentations and participate in collaborative sessions.

insight is an immersive technology creating a fully interactive environment that integrates audio and data into a single environment, without geographic boundaries," explains Rob Anderson, VP of Marketing. "AccuConference has built all our products based on specific feedback from customers, and insight delivers the functionality that our users told us is vital to their everyday productivity.

Anderson continued: “This is not some new feature designed to generate revenue but rather an extension of our commitment to creating useful products that solve problems that seem to always hurt productivity.”

insight is now available through AccuConference.com.
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