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AccuConference Customer Profile: Auction Cause

By: Maranda Gibson

Turning a Hobby into a Business

In 2005, Eric Gazin considered his 7 years of selling on the online auction site eBay a hobby. He would sell items for other people or his own things and didn't think of this being a business opportunity. In 2005, a non-profit approached him to sell tickets to the final taping of the TV show Friends to benefit their charity. Eric received a lot of bids over these tickets and the response surprised him, since he was in LA, where everyone knows someone who can get tickets to a taping.

From there, the business of Auction Cause was born. "We had the idea of having a business model around doing good," Eric says. Rather than build his own internal auction system, he harnessed his experience and skill by using eBay, gaining exposure to the large audience that already existed on the auctioning website. Since 2005, Eric has grown Auction Cause into a profitable company and provides online auction services for many charities and celebrity auctions.

Some current ongoing and upcoming auctions:

Connecting Everyone Has to Be Quick & Easy

Eric has been a client of ours since 2005 which means we've had the pleasure of being right there with Auction Cause since the very beginning. Early on, when Auction Cause started, they wanted to have everything that a "big" business would have, and that included a conference call service.

"Having a good conference call service showed that we were serious about business," Eric says of the considerations they made in the beginning. Connecting their company to the various non-profits, celebrities, and celebrity agents can prove to be difficult as travel schedules are always evolving. Setting up a conference call connects everyone together, no matter if they are in their offices, their homes, or in airports waiting for their flights.

Eric's favorite feature of AccuConference is the speed with which it connects you to the call. "From when you dial in to the time you're actually in the conference call it's very quick," Eric explains. Other providers require extra confirmation before connecting you into the conference call, but we only ask you to put in your information once, which gets you into the call quickly.

Thanks again to Eric for taking a few minutes out of his time to talk to me about the great work that Auction Cause is doing and how they are using conference calls. If you would like to be featured in the monthly newsletter, please contact Maranda at 800.977.4607.

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