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Maximizing the latest conference technology

We live in an integrated and interconnected world. Time doesn’t matter, country prefixes don’t matter, only availability and connections matter. Creating a seamless escalation from presence to voice to web to video, following the natural workflow and processes that people use daily, that’s what matters. The technology is here, the applications are available – it’s time to put it all together – create the ecosystem. In the office, on the road, at home or wherever employees find themselves, the natural workflow can be supported with seamless execution with today’s integrated technologies. As the industry evolves and grows, are enterprises maximizing the latest conference technology benefits? Are they utilizing the advanced applications needed to be competitive today?

The once-familiar office phone is going through enormous changes as telephony and related technologies become widespread, and voice becomes embedded into enterprise applications. In addition, new voice architectures will require phones to evolve into more intelligent, multifunction devices.


In order to truly serve a company’s needs, cookie-cutter options no longer suffice. Customization creates a bond between the consumer, the product, the brand and the company.
Tailoring products and services to specific requirements provides quality customer service with up-to-date technology.  AccuConference provides a variety of products and features available to customize:


Security is a crucial issue for confidential or private matters and to cater to this growing concern, AccuConference offers expiring PIN numbers to control who has access to meetings. In addition to PIN numbers, separate access numbers and codes are provided to moderators, speakers and participants to limit access.

Staying Connected

With a mobile workforce and office locations all over the country (and the world), there is a growing trend of meetings becoming virtual with businesses no longer being conducted face to face. To accommodate this emerging demand, audio and Web conferencing allow people and

companies to get connected. AccuConference’s Web services give participants a unique experience to feel like they are in the same room. Microsoft® Live Meeting capabilities include:

Mac Compatible

The number of Mac users is also on the rise and having products and services that are Mac compatible is critical. insight is a new feature with fully integrated Power Point® presentation capability and is Windows and Mac compatible. In addition, Mac users can also be part of Microsoft® Live Meeting events through a browser-based meeting client that can also work with Solaris operating systems.

ARE YOU “Getting the Most Out of Your Conferencing”?

Our live weekly web cast showcase features that will help you get the most out of your conferencing. In only 20 minutes you learn valuable information for better conferencing including:

You also have the opportunity to get answers to your specific questions from our conference experts.

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