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Business Travel vs. Web Conferencing

The great debate for businesses looking to cut costs and save time in the 21st Century

road warrior (n., Informal.) One who travels frequently, especially on business; a person who frequently travels with laptop and mobile phone

Does this sound like you? 

Are you what referred to as a frequent business traveler? 

You might not be for much longer…

Companies now more than ever are unwilling to spend wasteful money on air travel, hotel accommodations, and other business travel expenses for their employees.  Instead they are scheduling Web conferencing appointments for face-to-face meets over the Internet with clients and associates across the country and around the world. 

Economically, it makes more sense for a business to conference via the Web versus paying the cost of air travel, hotel accommodations, meals, et al.  But the debate rages on: What will this exciting (and new) trend mean for industries that rely on business travel expenses? 

For instance, air travel could suffer fewer less business travelers will actually travel and "fly off" to meeting locations.  What about the hotels who really rely on business travelers to fill rooms during the work week? 

It is only a matter of time before businesses begin to officially lighten their expenditures in business travel.  The long-term advantage of investing in minor Web conferencing will certainly outweigh the ever-growing costs of travel in the U.S. 

Let's look at cost savings. The economic downturn in 2001 (notably from September 11 onward) created a never-ceasing conferencing demand due to reduced travel budgets. Web conferencing has been slated to become the fastest growing segment in the industry, with projected 47% compounded growth rate through ’06.

Time savings, a move to reservation-less service industry, consolidation, and most importantly, the real money saved, have all played an enormous role in driving the market to 2006.

This is a rising trend; AccuConference assists businesses in this time of cost-saving need.

A leader in Web conferencing technologies, AccuConference provides solutions to save organizations time, money, and headaches, by enabling effective and efficient communications between people – and between businesses.

AccuConference's Meeting Central™ Web conferencing offers real time collaboration and features to enable you to conduct online meetings with nothing stopping you! Meeting Central Web Conferencing provides total desktop, application and document sharing – and video conferencing to boot. These are all the tools you will ever need to visualize and manage your meetings from a PC.

With Meeting Central you can present PowerPoint® slides, share applications and modify Word® / Excel® documents as well as deliver high impact visuals and interactivity!

Here are the three options from which to choose:

The Bottom Line: Easy to start. Easy to join. Anytime, And to anyone.

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