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Electronic Organization with Conference Notes

Reminders are everywhere. It began with a ribbon around the finger and has evolved to mounds of sticky notes attached to every foreseeable corner of your desk. It's cluttered, messy, and not at all in line with your company's recent pledge to be more streamlined and efficient. Companies want written records, and most importantly, †follow up. With conference calls, they can be so jam packed with information that sometimes it might feel like you are talking non-stop throughout the whole call. Hopefully, you are recording every conference call.

Call Notes

The new call notes system can help you keep track of the information for your conference calls. A single click of the mouse can tell you everything you need to know about a particular call. With the conference call note capability, now it's possible to go into the conference and add a tag (up to 100 characters) beside the conference name in the history.

Many times when a company releases a new product or service, clients are awed at the functionality, but arenít sure where to start using the new feature.† Included below are a couple of good places to start with the call notes feature so that you can begin using everything that we offer to its fullest potential.†


Do you have an AccuConference Toll Free number with us? (Well, you should.) When a call is made to your Toll Free number, it stores a new entry on your call log. This is where the call notes system is available for edits. If you already have one, here are some things that you can do with our new call notes feature in your Toll Free number.

By doing this, the need to keep written notes is further eliminated, allowing even more access to the things that are important, like business information, and taking one more step towards eliminating the sticky note pad all together.

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