Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to foster collaboration with the person down the hall or the group across the world. Your typical video conferencing service will require you to have an internet connection, access to a web browser, and a working web camera. While these are essential pieces to having a successful conference, there are some additional things to consider before it's time to start video conferencing with others.

Clothing Color and Patterns

Fashion Tips for Video Conferencing - How should you dress on a video conference? This article gives some great tips on how to prepare for a day of working from home.

Video Conference Etiquette - These tips give a great foundation for where and how you can start to prepare yourself for video meetings.

Clothing Tips for Shirts and Jackets - From the Corporate Fashionista, this article takes a deeper look at the cuts of clothes and necklines that will look the most professional on a video conference.


Before the conference starts, turn on the camera and take a look at what will show around you. Is it your cluttered office desk? Are there pictures of your last Spring Break trip in college? Those might not be the best things to display in the middle of a meeting with a client or your boss. When we see the items around us all of the time, we often don't realize what we have around us.

Principals of Lighting - Some basic examples and tips of how to choose the best lighting for a video conference.

15 Minutes to Prepare - Before your video conference begins you need to look around to take stock of your broadcast area. This great article tells you some quick clean up moves to make before your conference begins.

How to Speak to a Machine

One of the hardest things about video conferencing is resisting the urge to look around or do other things. There is an element of comfort when we are in our own office space and even worse when we find ourselves working from home. Though part of the convinence of a video conference is the ability to take care of business without having to leave your home or office, it can also be the greatest drawback too. We are more likely to be distracted when we do not have an actual, physical human to speak to. Here are some tips and other information about the best practices for speaking to a group through video conferencing.

Effective Virtual Teams - When using communication technology, it becomes harder to communicate with individuals because you lose a little bit of a personal touch. These tips help you to keep a level of engagement with your virtual employees.

Interview Tips - A brief overview of the things to keep in mind when you're being interviewed over a video conference. While the article is interview focused in nature, it's a collection of great tips to keep in mind when using video conferences.

Connecting With Team Members or Attendees

The following articles and information will provide tips from orginizations and educational institutions on communicating effectively through virtual meetings like video conferencing.

Presenations via Video Conferencing - The University of California produced some great tips for making presentations on a video conference.

Virtual Team Discussions - Penn State has created a number of valuable tips for using technology to learn, communicate, and teach with technology.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Set a good tone for your next conference by giving everyone a chance to break the ice and greet each other.


A successful video conference goes much deeper than the service or platform that you choose to host your call. You want to make sure that you're using updated video cameras and have a good connection for your conference.

Introduction to Video Conferencing - This PDF will you give you an overview on the technology and important uses video conferencing has in business and education.

Web Camera Review - Reviews of various web cameras from the trusted technology resource CNET.

Headset Reviews - If your audio will be broadcasted over the web you'll need a high quality headset. This is a great list of reviews from the people at Top Ten Reviews.

Connection Troubleshooting - When video conferencing, your internet connection is paramount to having a successful meeting. If you experience issues with your Internet connection, PC Magazine has an easy trouble shooting guide to help.

Lessons from a bored Room

Lessons From a Bored Room

How to avoid meeting monotony, be a better speaker, and make your communication sing

This collection of short articles will help you engage with your participants and be a strong, successful speaker. Purchase through Amazon.


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